How to become a Traveling Yoga Teacher

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If you spend any time on Instagram these days, it can seem like every teacher out there is teaching, traveling and making it happen abroad. But for many teachers that are unsure of how to take this leap, this dream may feel currently unattainable or far too distant.

As a yoga teacher, I received my 200 hour yoga certification 200 hour yoga certification to teach in the past year and during this time I have also been traveling around the world; finding places to teach at as I go. To date I have secured teaching jobs in Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. It’s been a fantastic journey of personal growth, as a teacher and as a human being. The good news is that I am not unique in this venture as I have met countless other yoga teachers doing the same thing and they are thriving. Do not fear, there are several ways to get your foot in the door and to get yourself out into the big wide world and teach abroad.

1. Create a great Yoga resume

Before you pack your yoga mat and head off into the sunset, put together a resume to help you get hired as soon as possible. This may lead to you securing yourself a job abroad even before you’ve hopped onto a plane.

Your resume will need to stand out and look professional at the same time, so remember to sell yourself and be true to who you are as a teacher. Add in any extra details of further qualifications and any past job experience that you have i.e massage, nutrition, mindfulness, etc. This will help show potential employers how much you can bring to their business. Also include a clear picture of yourself and where to find your yoga-related social media platforms that you may have.

2. Look out for teaching positions online

With websites such as Yoga Trade and Yoga Travel Jobs there are many ways to start looking for a position even before you’ve left your homeland. There are several private Facebook groups that you can join to find out what jobs are being offered, what the role entails and where the job is.

If you have already booked a flight or you have a particular destination in mind, start searching online for yoga studios you in the area and send them your resume. Social media is a great way to find out what positions are available too. I ended up teaching at a yoga studio for several months in Malaysia that advertised for a yoga teacher on their Facebook page.

3. Apply to teach in holiday resorts/retreat centers

After creating your resume, send it off to hotels and resorts that advertise an interest in wellness to potential visitors. Spend some time researching resorts or hotels that have on site gyms, fitness centers or yoga classes and get in contact with them either by phone or via email.

After emailing a few resorts, I ended up teaching on a 5* private island, as well as being offered a position at a retreat centre. Often these high-end establishments will offer a higher paid salary, accommodation and food to teachers. Some resorts also may be looking for permanent in-house yoga teachers or they will have guest spots that need to be filled for several weeks or months by teachers passing through the area.

4. Volunteer

Sign up to sites such as Workaway to find volunteer positions around the world. Various unique projects offer volunteer roles that will offer things in exchange for your time teaching, and this usually includes accommodation. Assist with projects with any other skills you have to help their businesses, like writing blog posts for their website, cooking meals for their staff or by creating a logo for them. Another bonus with using your time to volunteer is that it will help keep costs down whilst still giving you valuable hours of teaching experience.

5. Teach at guesthouses/hostels

Offer your services as a teacher at local guesthouses/hostels in exchange for accommodation or for food which will help you save out with your budget. Usually smaller guesthouses will not be able to offer payment but they’ll be happy to discuss other ways to create an exchange for your classes. Or connect with other travelers at your hostel and offer to do an exchange with them directly, maybe they can teach you a new skill, take photographs for you or offer a healing session. The options and opportunities are endless!

6. Network

Socialise with other traveling teachers wherever you are for tips on places to teach at and for potential job openings. Many teachers will be coming and going on their travels so you may find a spot to fill, or maybe you can team up and assist them with a retreat or a YTT. I’ve met so many wonderful yoga teachers on my travels and I’ve been given lots of fantastic recommendations too.

7. Run classes at cafes/ health food stores

In Northern Thailand and across Southeast Asia, there are many health conscious cafes that double up as a yoga studios or they have a space suitable to hold classes at. Scout out some local places to teach at and contact the owners to see what can be arranged. You can even create deals for a free tea or juice after each session, or a class pass discount. Or if you will be in once place for several weeks, see if you can arrange one or several yoga workshops.

8. Believe it is possible

This tip may be the most important – and that is to believe that it is possible to teach abroad. Once you have packed everything that you need, the greatest thing to take with you is your belief in yourself. Bounding out into the big wide world can feel incredibly scary, but don’t let a little seed of fear sprout into something bigger. Trust in yourself and step into your power because your adventure awaits.

I hope these points have given you some inspiration in your quest for teaching whilst traveling. If you have any other tips to offer please leave a comment below.

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