The Yoga Christmas Gift Guide

If you are after the very best gift ideas for your yoga-loving friend or family member, then look no further. Here’s a Christmas gift guide covering a wide range of products from sustainable, to ethical, to natural, and to mindful companies, for your loved ones to cherish.

Bodhi Yoga Mat

I’ve written about this mat before and it really one of the best mats on the market for beginners, or for someones first-ever yoga mat. Free from harsh chemicals like Phthalate*, Bodhi have created a variety of mats in colourful prints and with detailed designs. They offer mats suitable for beginners to mats aimed at professionals. I was bought one as a gift three years ago and it’s still going strong with only minimal wear to it. It’s easy to clean, non-slip, as well as being light enough to carry with you from class to class. For my recommendations for the best yoga mats, read it here

Prices start from €16.90

*Phthalate is a chemical added to PVC which helps make it more pliable and soft. It has been found to be highly carcinogenic.

Yoga-inspired Jewellery

The Hasta Collection a collection of delicate, stunning, sterling silver pieces adorned with  Sanskrit mantras, ‘created with the intention to let you carry a little piece of love and light with you.’ Every piece is handmade with love. Choose from four different mantras to adorn bracelets or necklaces. The collection stocks beautiful rings in a number of different sizes. They also offer silver charms to add to a piece that you already own. 5% of all purchases go towards organisations that help to support local communities in Indonesia and Burma.

Prices start from £19.99

Funky Yoga Apparel

Yoga Leggs are a London-based brand of bright and fun yoga-wear run by two yogi’s wanting to bring a vibrant pop of colour to the mat. Offering a vast range of printed yoga leggings, slogan tees, hoodies, and yoga mat bags. I recently tried on a pair for a yoga photoshoot and I’d highly recommend them for their comfortable fabric and for their eye-catching patterns! These leggings will bring a smile to your face! Sizes range from XXS through to XL. 

Prices start from £45.00

Mandala Meditation Cushion

Meditation isn’t an easy practice to create, maintain ,or cultivate but it works wonders for rewiring the pathways of our brains to help us change our habits into more positive ones, as well as making us more compassionate and considerate human beings. A colourful mediation cushion can be a lovely gift for a meditation practitioner or for someone starting a practice. Or, they can be beautiful piece of eye-catching decor for any room. Printed on organic cotton using vegan plant-based dyes, they come in different sizes and with or without an inner cushion. Created and crafted in Rajasthan, India.

Prices start from £19.91

New Dawn Organic Skincare

A small Welsh company New Dawn Organic are on a mission to help people with all different skin and hair types feel fabulous and smelling wonderful, without any chemical rubbish. They offer free next day UK delivery and are rolling out eco packaging as they are conscious about reducing their plastic-waste and want to create a sustainable company. Each product contains natural ingredients and is labelled honestly, they won’t hide if a particular ingredient isn’t 100% organic. I loved that the soap I ordered is 72% organic and it was printed clearly on the packaging. They promote a scheme for refillable shower gel, shampoo bottles, and facial cream jars. If you buy a refillable bottle or jar and send it back to be refilled you’ll receive £5 off of your order.  Most of their products are vegan, unless a product contains beeswax. Their lemongrass soap is a delightful way to wake up in the morning with its refreshing yet soft scent. They also create gift packs full of different soaps, lotions, and shampoos so you can find what product works best for you. Check out their recommendations on their website and on Twitter too, these guys do work wonders!

Prices for their soaps start from £4.95

Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal

Count your blessings and not your stresses with this beautifully illustrated Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal by illustrator Molly Hahn. I purchased one for my Mum last year and she loves the inspiring doodles on each page and says that it encourages her to continue cultivate gratitude into her daily life. This may help someone put some much needed positivity into a regular and a powerful practice.

Prices start from £20.00

Planet Mindful Magazine Subscription

A gift that keeps on giving for every two months of the year! Planet Mindful is a new magazine focusing on ways to inject a dose of mindfulness into every aspect of daily life. Each issue is divided into four sections: Mind, Body, Relationships and Living, which are packed full of the latest health and wellness research and friendly advice to help you slow down and savour the little things.

The pages are beautifully illustrated and I’m very tempted to buy a subscription for all of my loved ones.

Prices start from £17.00

Sukin Skincare

Australia’s Number One skincare brand Sukin deliver natural products that are 100% cruelty free and vegan; and they are available in the UK. As all of their ingredients are naturally derived they are perfect for anyone trying to get away from the often questionable chemicals that pop up in their usual beauty staples. All formulations are biodegradable, carbon neutral and grey water safe; meaning they’ll never use any micro plastic beads that harm the environment. They also invest and support initiatives from cleaning up the Great Barrier Reef to aiding a solar farm project in India. I’m a huge fan of their rosewater and chamomile toning cleanser spray for its light scent and for its benefits to my skin. Their product list ranges from moisturisers, to scrubs, to oils and much more and for every skin type. They even have products specifically for sensitive skin, children and a men’s range. Available online or from any Holland and Barrett store.

Prices start from $10.95

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

One for the book-lover in your life, is the motivational and inspiring novel, The Monk who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. First printed in 1999 this book is often included in many lists made up of ‘Life-Changing Books’ and it’s up there on my list too. A tale about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny step by step. Multi-millionaire hot-shot lawyer Julian Mantle realises that he doesn’t have it all and leaves his materialistic lifestyle behind to venture into Himalayas to find his true spiritual calling. He returns with practical, wise and profound lessons for us all. A joyful book that I could not put down and one that I referred to again and again. A wonderful gift for anyone needing a dose powerful and passionate guidance. 

Prices start from £9.50

I hope these recommendations give you plenty of ideas for the yoga students in your life. But remember that the gift of time and love is far greater than any other physical ‘gift’ we can give! Happy Christmas shopping!

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