Yoga and a Body Positivity Photoshoot


“Yoga bridges the gap between ‘not worthy’ and ‘worthy’, helping us realise that we are good enough and we always have been.”

Near the end of last year, I had the chance to join Yoga Teacher Becky Varey (@beckyvareyharris) in Oxford for a special yoga photoshoot with a marvellous bunch of women. Becky had decided to put together a photoshoot using women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to send out a positive and inspiring message to the yoga community. The aim was to show what real yogis look like by celebrating all bodies at once, as most yoga brands showcase only one type of body in their advertisements leaving many feeling inadequate or unrepresented. The shoot consisted of colourful eye makeup, lashings of glitter, brightly coloured yoga leggings and a fun, playful flow. The women I met came from all sorts of backgrounds and it was truly fantastic to be part of it, I remember leaving with gold confetti in my sports bra and my face aching from so much laughter!

Not everyone that came along was a yoga teacher but all of us felt a strong love for the practice that had united us all on the mat. Once again showing that yoga and the connection it creates within ourselves, as well as with the world around us, is such an important part of wellbeing. We live in such an age where feeling good enough is a battle for many and breaking through the societal pressure takes an awful lot of work. I feel that yoga bridges the gap between ‘not worthy’ and ‘worthy’, helping us realise that we are good enough and we always have been.

I wanted to share some of the pictures on this blog to help spread Becky’s body positivity message. She’s also been featured in the OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine in February’s issue where she goes into more detail about what lead her to body positivity, and her own struggles, as well as becoming a passionate activist. OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine is available at Sainsbury’s and WHSmith.

A special thanks to yoga brands who kitted us out for the day Yoga Leggs and Blossom Yoga Wear who are inclusive with their sizing. Another special and shiny thank you to Kim Williams Photography who took such beautiful pictures and kept us all giggling all day.

Thank you once again, Becky, for a truly fantastic day and pictures worth a thousand words! x

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