Away in December & Class Changes

Hi All,

With a heavy heart I am having to stop the Thursday, 8 -9 pm classes at Studio Belle in Warminster. My commitments have now changed for the foreseeable future and this means that I will be stopping these classes. If you wanted to catch my last class at Studio Belle it is on October 30th. A huge thank you to all the wonderful people I have met at SB, it has been absolutely wonderful to run classes there. I hope to see you all again x

I am also away in December as I am going back to Mysore, India. I have not been able to find cover for every class so some classes will be cancelled during December.

Classes at Castle Place Leisure Centre will be running throughout December as the lovely Lucia Moat ( will be covering these classes.

All classes at Leigh Park Community Centre and Shaw C of E Primary will be cancelled.

The last classes for November until the new year are as follows:

Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th.

Classes will start again in January from the Tuesday 7th.

I will update a blog post in November of local teachers in the area that are running classes during December if you’d like to try different classes.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know. 

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